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Hairshark | Pro Backcomber
  • Sectioning

    Precisely manipulate your hair into managable sections with the pointed, ergonomic handle.

  • Volumising

    Add texture to your hair – combined with the volume of the backcombing bristles, this gives you the gloss and shape of a salon quality hairdo! 

  • Smoothing

    Smooth your hair down with a beautiful gloss – without losing your volume! These patented teeth glide over the volumized  area without disturbing the cushion.

The World’s First Two Sided Backcombing Brush


Sectioning | Volumising | Smoothing


Hairshark Product


Have you ever been to the salon, had your hair done beautifully, and wished you could get that same look at home? You’ve come to the right place! Meet the HAIRSHARK – the first ever two sided backcombing brush that’s taking the beauty world by storm! 

The HAIRSHARK can help you give your hair salon-quality volume while letting you get creative with your style. With two different brushes in one, there’s a massive range of styles to choose from! We’ve spent years getting the design just right, and we know that when you start using the HAIRSHARK, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! 

The world's first backcombing brush

The Story So Far

So, how did we get here? It’s not easy to create a revolutionary celebrity hair styling tool! Fortunately, our founders Jo Ferns and Anders Rusden have a combined 40 years’ experience in the industry! This means that they know exactly what people want and need when it comes to getting salon quality hair. 

It all began on an otherwise normal lunch break. Jo and Anders started talking about a problem their clients had: how they loved their hair after a trip to the salon but couldn’t get the same height and volume when doing their hair themselves. They decided then and there that they would find a way to give their clients the chance to enjoy fuller, more volumized hair! 

Hairshark story so far

Tutorial: How to HAIRSHARK

Do you want salon quality hair in minutes? With the HAIRSHARK, you can go from flat to full in just three easy steps! It’s the perfect way to volumise and give your hair that blow-dry look, all with a single brush. Here’s how:

  • Section

    Use the tapered end handle of the HAIRSHARK to easily section your hair. It’s really easy to glide through the hair and section all the hair you want to add volume to. 

  • Backcomb

    With your hair sectioned, use the bristle side of the HAIRSHARK to begin backcombing your hair. This side has two types of bristles – boar bristles and harder polymer bristles, which makes sure you get all the hairs when you brush. All you need to do is lift up your hair and begin combing down towards the scalp in sections, creating a great cushion of volume!

    Woman using hairshark
  • Smooth

    Now that your hair has got brilliant volume, it’s time to smooth! Use the white, shark fin-like second side of the HAIRSHARK for this. This side gives your hair shine and gloss without touching your volume. 

    Hairshark smoothing


The world’s first ever two-sided backcombing brush, the Hairshark lets you give your hair volume and style like no other brush out there. We know how important it is for women to feel confident in themselves, and hair often plays a big part in this. The HAIRSHARK will help you look fabulous, like you just came out of the salon, and you can achieve this look from the comfort of your home! 


Love my hair shark! My hair is really fine and flat so I struggle for volume. I also worry that if I backcomb my hair too much that it will pull on my hair but the hair sharks natural bristles really prevent tangling. The brush is also really good quality, it doesn’t feel cheap like other brands. Thanks Hairshark!

I liked everything!!!! I’ve just been to the Far East where the weather was very humid and because of this product, I never had bad hair whereas I would usually donut there. It’s fantastic and I’ve recommended it to many of my friends!

It gave body and substance to my 70 year old slightly thinning hair – very pleased.

‘The best thing I’ve ever used to backcomb my hair, I use it everyday!