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The Hairshark Story So Far

If you’re here then that means that you’re interested in the HAIRSHARK – the world’s very first two-sided backcombing brush. We’ve managed to design a revolutionary new hair styling tool that is gaining a lot of celebrity attention and is taking the UK hair-styling scene by storm – but where did the HAIRSHARK come from, and who are we? Well, let’s take a look! 

Creating a revolutionary new hair styling tool doesn’t happen overnight! In fact, it took HAIRSHARK founders Jo Ferns and Anders Rusden several years and almost a dozen prototypes to be happy with the design, appearance, and functionality of the HAIRSHARK. They knew that they wanted the brush to be absolutely perfect. Throughout their decades of experience in the salon and beauty industry, they’ve both only wanted one thing – to give their clients the very best and salon-quality hair possible. Eventually, they were happy with the design, and that’s the HAIRSHARK that you know and love. 

It all started on one very ordinary lunch break. Jo and Anders found themselves talking about the fact that, while they love giving clients beautiful, full, volumised hair from their salon, they wish they could extend this amazing quality hairstyling to a client’s home. Between them, HAIRSHARK founders Jo Ferns and Anders Rusden have over 40 years of experience between them in the industry. Over that time, they have constantly had requests from clients who are desperate to get the same salon-quality hair from the comfort of their home. It was a recurring problem – and Jo and Anders were absolutely determined to come up with a solution! 

With so much experience of the hair and beauty industry under their belts, no one was better placed to get to the root of the problem than Jo and Anders. They knew exactly what their clients wanted and needed when it came to achieving salon-quality hair at home. For Jo and Anders, it became a mission to design something that could give people the same height and volume that they see after a trip into the salon. They put their heads together and began thinking about how they might be able to give their clients fuller and more volumised hair!

After some time spent thinking things over and considering the problem, eventually, the HAIRSHARK was born. However, the first version wasn’t exactly the same brush it is today! In fact, Jo and Anders designed and put together the very first HAIRSHARK prototype from bits and pieces around the salon, including parts of old salon brushes! Their creativity, ingenuity, and passion for achieving amazing volume meant that they managed to fashion an early version of the revolutionary brush from spare parts. 

Immediately, Jo and Anders knew that they were onto something special. They knew it was an idea that nobody else in the industry had truly explored before. It wasn’t easy, but they knew that with their combined expertise, they could bring the HAIRSHARK to life and improve the home hairstyling of their clients. They began using their makeshift brush for their clients in the salon and, sure enough, it wasn’t long at all before they began getting some amazing and enthusiastic feedback that confirmed what they had suspected – the HAIRSHARK could become an incredibly special and unique backcombing brush! 

The HAIRSHARK was a huge hit in the salon. The more they tried and tested the brush, the more enthusiastic the response from clients became. Before long, they had loads of people who were just desperate to get their hands on their own version of the brush to take home and use. Jo and Anders knew that they had managed to make something quite special. 

However, it was still a long way from being a fully designed and manufactured brush that was ready for sale. Jo and Anders weren’t convinced about whether they ought to take the plunge and begin the long road towards mass-producing and selling the HAIRSHARK. But that was when a friend and client of Jo’s showed complete disbelief that the brush wasn’t yet being manufactured. With her assistant and guidance, Jo and Anders began the next stage of the journey – taking the HAIRSHARK from the salon to the public! 

From that point, things began to move incredibly quickly! Within a day of discussing the possibility of manufacturing the HAIRSHARK, Jo and Anders were introduced to a designer and began to seriously plan their journey towards bringing their revolutionary and unique backcombing brush to completion. 

They were warned just how expensive and challenging it could be to bring a brand new product to market. However, they were driven by passion and dedication and were absolutely determined to not rush the process. Sure enough, it took over three years and eleven prototype brushes before Jo and Anders were happy with their HAIRSHARK design. They wanted it to be as perfect as possible because otherwise they would struggle to break into the market. Finally, they had a brush they were happy with. But how were they going to get the brush in front of people’s eyes?

After a while, HAIRSHARK got an opportunity to go on a new Channel 4 TV show called Buy It Now. Buy It Now was like a sort of down to earth Dragon’s Den with a live audience vote to test whether the product appeals to the public. Despite being up against many other talented and creative young entrepreneurs, HAIRSHARK absolutely smashed it. That was all Jo and Anders needed to be convinced of the unique appeal of the HAIRSHARK – they had confirmation that it wasn’t just their salon clients interested in the brush, but the general public too!

The increasing popularity and attention surrounding the brush meant that HAIRSHARK landed a slot on day time show Ideal World. This regular airtime gave Jo and Anders the opportunity to show one of the best aspects of their unique two-sided backcombing brush – its versatility. They could get the brush in front of their audience and showcase its ability to work on hair types of all different kinds and varieties. In particular, showcasing how the HAIRSHARK could affect thinning hair gained a huge amount of attention. We all know how important it is for women to feel confident in their own body, and unfortunately, thinning hair can often damage this confidence. That’s one of the reasons the HAIRSHARK was designed in the first place, and it’s one of the reasons that it’s so popular today! 

Since then, HAIRSHARK has continued to grow and gain a large following on social media platforms. We’ve worked with dozens of social media influencers who have discovered and loved what the HAIRSHARK can do for them! Celebrities have flocked to this revolutionary two-sided backcombing brush, including Ferne McCann (of TOWIE fame!) who is one of our greatest advocates! We only expect the HAIRSHARK to keep on growing, so like and follow our social media to keep up to date with the latest creative ways that people are finding to use the unique HAIRSHARK! We’re always releasing new tutorials and photoshoots – and if you’re using it, make sure you remember to tag us in your pics! We love hearing from customers and seeing the impact that the HAIRSHARK can have on someone’s home hairstyling.