HAIRSHARK Backcombing brush



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‘This brush has made such a difference for me! Never been able to get any volume or backcomb my hair without it looking a mess or going flat but after using Hairshark I was so impressed and it’s so easy to use! Recommend it to everyone who wants volume! The two sides make such a difference! It really works!’

Why Should You Choose Hairshark?

Do you love your hairbrush, but wish that it could give your hair more volume and allow you to style your hair in more creative ways? The Hairshark might be the brush for you! The two-sided backcombing brush is the only one of its kind, and it’s creating waves in the beauty and hair world.

The Hairshark has two unique sides that treat your hair to the kind of shine and volume that you can usually only get from the salon. This revolutionary brush was developed over three years by Jo Ferns and Anders Rusden – experts in the field with over 40 years’ experience between them! 

Why Should You Choose Hairshark?

When you become a Hairsharker and buy your first Hairshark brush, you’ll discover a range of uses far beyond that of a normal hairbrush. The first side consists of boar bristles and a set of specifically designed pin bristles. This is the side that’s going to give your hair it’s incredible, long lasting volume! When you work on a section of hair, brushing towards the root, this side will work every strand of hair to create a soft cushion of support. 

The second side features the shark-like fins that give the Hairshark its name! This is the side that gives your hair its gorgeous shine – without ever affecting the fantastic volume! With both sides in one brush, you can give yourself full and shiny hair in minutes. If you want to leave the house each morning with beautiful hair that looks straight out of the salon, then Hairshark is for you. 

The Hairshark even has a thin and narrow tapered point to the handle – specially designed for sectioning. This makes the Hairshark a complete triple-threat! There’s not much that you can’t do to your hair with the world’s first two-sided backcombing brush – a superior and flexible alternative to regular brushes. 

A lot of men and women feel self-conscious about their hair. We know how important it can be for someone to feel confident in themselves each day. We’ve all been worried about our hair looking flat, thin and boring at some point! 

The Hairshark is gentle on the hair because of the hi-gloss polymers and natural bristle being used. This means you can safely use it every single day. By using natural bristles instead of nylon, the Hairshark is super safe for your hair – you can confidently use it and never miss a day of salon-style hair! 

‘I received my hairshark 3 months ago and now I can’t live without it! The backcombing results are incomparable and the smoothing over part is so unique and effect. You can brush it out and not lose any of the volume! Definitely rate this product!’

Is The Hairshark Right For Me? 

You might have bought hair brushes and other styling products in the past and been disappointed that they don’t do what they promised. Perhaps your hair has particular needs and you’ve always struggled to find the right brush. Well, the Hairshark has been made with multiple uses in mind. 

It’s great for people with sensitive scalps or hair because of the gentle natural bristles. We designed the Hairshark so that people could use if safely each day and not have to worry about the health of their hair or scalp. 

Struggled to find a brush that gives your short hair the volume you’re looking for? The Hairshark actually works great with short hair – in fact, because short hair is lighter, you’ll actually be able to keep your volume and shape for longer than with longer hair by using Hairshark! 

The Hairshark also happens to work incredibly well on wigs! It can help to separate and add volume to the hair, making it look even more realistic and natural. 

There’s a wide range of different styles you can create with Hairshark. Our customers and hairstylists particularly love using the Hairshark to create half-up half-down looks, high ponies, braids and for teasing out curls! Stylists have even taken to using the brush for bridal hair as well. 

If you’re heading away on holiday any time soon, you need a Hairshark to take with you! Whether you’re looking for a messy bun, beach waves or a perfect pony, the Hairshark is like a portable salon that fits right into your suitcase, allowing you to create great style and volume while on the move! 

‘Usually when I backcomb my hair with a comb I can feel my hair snapping but I don’t experience this when using the Hairshark! Love how the tip creates neat partings and how the brush comes with a smoothing side too! Highly recommend!’

‘One of a kind, I would definitely recommend this comb for any hair types!’

A Brush Made With Expertise And Passion

When designing the Hairshark, our founders Jo Ferns and Anders Rusden had a combined 40 years of experience behind them. They know exactly what people want and need when achieving beautiful hair of salon quality!

While having lunch together one day, they spoke about a problem they couldn’t help clients with: achieving from home the look they loved getting from a salon. Jo and Anders decided they would find a way to give their customers a way to get more volumized and fuller hair from the comfort of their own home. 

It took three and eleven prototypes before they were finally happy with the design, but eventually the Hairshark was born! 

Get Your Own Hairshark

If you’re interested in owning your very own Hairshark, please get in touch with us today! You can discover why the Hairshark is creating such a storm in the hair and beauty world yourself. Treat your hair to the beautiful shine and volume of a salon treatment – every single morning!